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That's Not My Neighbor APK

That’s Not My Neighbor Mod APK

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That’s Not My Neighbor is an indie game in the horror genre that strongly resembles the hit Papers, Please in many parameters. Here, too, it is necessary to check documents and try to identify cheaters, in this case, terrible creatures.

What’s interesting in the game That’s Not My Neighbor

In the game That’s Not My Neighbor, the gamer takes on the role of a person who is a kind of concierge and security guard of an apartment building in a fantastic setting of the future.

In it, humanity faces the threat of so-called doppelgangers – monster creatures that can take on the appearance of the people they have eaten. After that, they hide in the crowd and look for new victims. Distinguishing them from ordinary people is far from easy, but it will become the protagonist’s only and primary task.

That’s Not My Neighbor is suitable for fans of horror games and those who like to experience fear and tension.


Unique setting. That’s Not My Neighbor boasts a well-thought-out surrealistic world of the future where people have to survive alongside monsters that perfectly hide their nature.

Tense atmosphere. The atmosphere in the game is tense and scary, creating a sense of fear and anxiety.

Many items. The game has many items that players can use to solve puzzles and protect themselves from monsters.

Low system requirements. The horror has quite primitive, but still charming graphics with low device requirements.

What’s in the mod That’s Not My Neighbor

The full version of the video game That’s Not My Neighbor has been purchased, which allows gamers to enjoy the gameplay completely for free.


That’s Not My Neighbor is an exciting and at the same time quite scary game that is suitable for fans of horrors. The unique setting, tense atmosphere, many puzzles will give an unsurpassed gaming experience. This horror is definitely not to be missed by fans of the genre.

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