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Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD 18.0 APK Unlimited Money

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Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon is an exciting economic simulator with strategy and management elements where players have the opportunity to become magnates of psychiatric hospitals. It turns out that people with psychiatric disorders are an excellent source of income, as many of them want to be treated and are willing to pay significant amounts of money for it.

What’s interesting in the game

Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon is one of the most original businessman simulators on Android. Players are often offered to manage restaurants or office buildings, which can be interesting but quickly becomes boring. Being the owner of a psychiatric hospital is much more interesting because some patients can be quite entertaining and lift your mood. Plus, there’s always something happening, and it’s never dull.

Otherwise, the simulator is not much different from typical economic clickers. As per the genre’s tradition, you will start in a small building with a modest budget. However, people will immediately begin coming to the clinic and paying money for help. The main goal is to provide them with quality treatment and service, and good earnings won’t be long in coming. It’s important to invest the earnings correctly in expanding and improving the clinic, which will allow for even greater profits in the future.


Minimalistic graphics. The game’s graphics are low-poly, which keeps the system requirements very low. However, the graphics cannot be called bad – the low-poly models create a unique atmosphere.

Endless gameplay. There is no final goal for completion in this video game – you can develop the hospital literally until you get tired of it.

Hospital development. The ability to gradually expand the hospital, as initially, only a small room will be available. There is also a function to buy furniture, equipment, medicine, change the interior, and much more.

Caring for patients. It’s necessary to carefully approach your responsibilities – patients will pay you, but in return, you must treat them, provide them with clean rooms and clothes, quality medicine, and so on.

Earnings even when idle. During the game, players can automate virtually every process in the psychiatric hospital’s life so that it brings in serious income even when the player is absent.

What’s in the mod for Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon

In the mod for Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon, players get access to a large amount of money. The mod works so that when money is spent, it does not decrease but increases.

Additionally, all ads have been removed from the game.


Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon is an excellent clicker with earnings on the theme of hospitals. The game will appeal to everyone who prefers simple gameplay and a minimum of fuss on the way to earning a large amount of money. Here, there is a beautiful picture, endless gameplay, and quite high-quality humor on the theme of psychiatric hospitals.

MOD Feature
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The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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