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Monster Hunter Now APK

Monster Hunter Now Mod 76.2 APK Unlimited Money

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Monster Hunter Now is a mobile game in the action-RPG genre that is part of the popular Monster Hunter franchise and offers gamers the opportunity to hunt giant monsters in various fantasy locations.


The game takes place in a world where humans and monsters live side by side. The gamer plays the role of a monster hunter who must protect people from giant monsters. The plot of the adventure develops in the process of completing tasks and quests, but it is not particularly emphasized – everything is focused directly on hunting for huge monsters, and this process is implemented at a very high level.

In the action-packed adventure, there are many different locations, from deserts and jungles to snowy mountains and volcanoes. Each location has its own unique features and types of monsters. The virtual world is distinguished by its scale, and it is conditionally fully open, which gives a lot of freedom of action and unties the hands of gamers.

Beginners should be given some tips that will simplify the passage:

  1. Hunting for monsters requires preparation. Make sure you have enough weapons, armor, and healing items before you go hunting.
    Study the behavior of monsters. Each monster has its own unique abilities and weaknesses. By studying them, you can more effectively fight against them.
    Use the surrounding environment. In many locations, there are various obstacles and traps that can be used against monsters.


Gameplay. Monster Hunter Now offers an engaging action-RPG gameplay that makes the gamer really tense and fight for survival.

Many types of weapons and armor. The adventure has a variety of different types of weapons and armor that the player can use to fight against monsters.

Many types of monsters. The setting boasts an impressive variety of monsters, from giant dragons to small goblins.

Colorful combat system. The combat system looks incredibly dynamic and colorful – it contains very expensive animations that make the battles effective. The set of techniques and strikes is also incredibly diverse, which gives gamers a lot of options on how to defeat the opponent.

Multiplayer mode. In Monster Hunter Now, there is a full-fledged multiplayer format of passage, which allows gamers to team up in groups and hunt monsters together.

What’s in the mod

In the mod for Monster Hunter Now, the annoying ads that previously interfered with the passage have been completely removed.


Monster Hunter Now is an excellent mobile game in the action-RPG genre that offers gamers the opportunity to hunt giant monsters in various locations. The adventure has a bright and colorful graphics, as well as a cool combat system, thanks to which each hunt for a monster becomes an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

MOD Feature
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The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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