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GTA San Andreas Mod APK

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GTA San Andreas is a cult video game in the third-person shooter genre that allows you to go to the streets of the criminal megapolis of Los Santos and build a criminal career, passing over the heads of other criminals and even police officers.

What’s interesting about the game GTA San Andreas Mod APK

GTA San Andreas is not just a sandbox video game where you can enjoy absolute freedom of action, driving cool cars, and so on. There is also a full-fledged storyline here, which consists of dozens of well-written quests. Completing them will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the iconic protagonist and many no less interesting characters.

At the center of the story is a black guy named CJ, who got involved in the game of corrupt cops and politicians of Los Santos, because of which he is forced to work for them. The main character does not intend to spend his whole life fulfilling their assignments and decides to play his own game, creating a gang and gradually becoming an authority in the criminal world of the megapolis.


Huge virtual world. The shooter can boast of a map of incredible sizes, which consists of a large megapolis and several more smaller settlements. It is also completely seamless, and you can get into any area without a loading screen.

A large variety of weapons. CJ has access to a huge arsenal of modern firearms and cold weapons, as well as various types of explosives.

Almost complete freedom of action. Outside of completing story missions, gamers are completely unlimited in their actions and decisions. You can literally enjoy complete freedom – drive cars, arrange shootouts, meet beauties, and so on.

A lot of cars that can be stolen. Players can find dozens of unique car models on the game’s world map and literally recognize each one. In addition, there are helicopters, a tank, boats, and other vehicles on the map.

Tuning of transport. By driving into the auto shop, players can customize any passenger car or SUV down to the smallest details, as well as carry out tuning, improving parts and increasing the technical characteristics of cars.

Decent graphics. For mobile devices, San Andreas has an excellent picture, and at the same time, the game’s system requirements remain low, thanks to good optimization.

What’s in GTA San Andreas Mod APK mode

In GTA San Andreas Mod APK, gamers are freed from the need to purchase the game in the Google Play Market, which significantly saves money.
In addition, in the mod, players have access to an unlimited supply of money. To get money, you need to click on the “Renew” button in the main menu, after which a save with a large amount of earned currency will be loaded.
In addition, gamers will be able to activate god mode (immortality) and infinite ammo using the mod menu.

Alternatives to GTA San Andreas

Gangstar Vegas. One of the most popular GTA clones on Android, which can boast of modern graphics and a large living world. The main character must become a member of the mafia and achieve wealth through illegal means.

Payback 2 — The Battle Sandbox. An action game with an open world where you can create real madness. Players can explode and destroy literally everything in their path. The gameplay is presented in an online format, so gamers can actively interact with each other.

Grand Mobile. An online video game based on GTA San Andreas. It can boast of a high online presence of gamers and an incredibly large world where players can develop their character in one of many areas. Here you can become anyone – from a bank employee to a mafia boss.


GTA San Andreas is a legendary action game with an open world that does not lose its relevance even many years later. The video game can boast of low system requirements and practically unlimited possibilities in a detailed and vividly drawn living world.

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