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MadOut2 Mod 12.13 APK

MadOut2 Mod 13.01 APK Unlimited money/Diamonds/Unlocked/Menu

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MadOut2 is a popular video game with an open virtual world and almost complete freedom of action. It also contains elements of a racing arcade and a lot of action.

Overview of MadOut2

The game’s events take place in the fictional city of Lost Village, located in the middle of the desert. This megapolis is largely almost entirely repeated by Los Angeles. It is worth noting the fact that MadOut2 is completely and entirely inspired by the legendary video game GTA San Andreas and largely almost entirely repeats it. However, if GTA has a single-player format and a full-fledged storyline campaign, then in this project, the events are transferred to the online world, where it is necessary to interact with other players, and there will be no storyline at all. Instead, it offers absolute freedom of action, and users can develop their character as they please. Despite the fact that there are many peaceful professions in the virtual world, a significant part of the gamers still chooses the criminal path, and it is worth talking about it separately.

The city is controlled by various criminal groups, and the player must survive in this dangerous world. The gamer can participate in street races, complete tasks for criminal groups, fight with other real users, and develop their character.


Open world. MadOut2 offers players a large open world that they can explore on foot or by various types of transportation. The world is represented by a huge megapolis with excellent graphics and detail.

Street races. This is one of the main gameplay mechanics and a way to entertain the gamer. In addition, you can earn a lot of in-game currency on the races. These races can be timed or for survival.

Criminal groups. There are quite a few of them, and they control the city to varying degrees. The user can complete tasks for these groups to earn money and improve their reputation.

Multiplayer mode. As already mentioned, there will be no single-player campaign in the game, and everything happens in the online world, where there will always be other real users nearby. Naturally, there are many options for interacting with them.

Vehicle modification. The game has many options for modifying (tuning and customization) vehicles, which allow the player to configure the car to their needs.

What’s in the MadOut2 Mod

Many gamers are trying to find mods for MadOut2, in which you can get an unlimited amount of game currency and other resources. However, in reality, there are no such mods and cheats. All the game’s resources are stored on the servers, and therefore nothing can be hacked.

The only working mod for MadOut2 is with unlimited ammo, and you can download it below.


MadOut2 is a top-notch multiplayer action game about cars, crime, and survival in a big and seamless world where there are no limits, just a lot of opportunities for character development. All this is seasoned with modern graphics, activities with other gamers, and a lot of tacks with the possibility of their tuning.

MOD Feature
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