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Little Nightmares APK

Little Nightmares APK 124 Full Game

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Little Nightmares is an indie video game in the platformer genre with a lot of puzzles and horror elements. The game was originally released on PC and consoles, but recently it has also appeared on mobile devices, in particular on Android, after which its army of fans has significantly increased.


In Little Nightmares, gamers play a campaign for a little girl in a yellow raincoat named Six, who ended up in a strange and scary place called the “Kitchen”. In this place, various monsters and creatures live that pose a danger to Six. The task of the users is to help her escape from this hellish place and figure out what is happening.

Little Nightmares is distinguished by its unique and gloomy setting. This world looks like a nightmare in which all proportions and sizes are distorted. High walls, narrow corridors, and darkness create a sense of claustrophobia and helplessness. Each level in the game has its own theme and monsters that gamers will have to bypass or fight with.

During the game, you will have to solve various puzzles and puzzles using the surrounding environment and items that you will find. In addition, you will have to hide from monsters, run away from them, or use the surrounding environment to defeat them. An important feature is that Six is ​​very small and helpless, so you will have to think unconventionally and use all the opportunities to survive.


Setting. Unique and gloomy virtual world that creates the feeling of being in a nightmare.

History. An interesting plot that unfolds as the game progresses. It is full of mysteries and riddles, and also always keeps in suspense.

Graphics. Excellent graphics and animation that create an atmosphere and help to immerse in the game. Everything is done in dark tones.

Puzzles. Interesting and diverse puzzles that require logical thinking and attentiveness from the player, as well as a certain amount of ingenuity.

Many unique enemies. These are monsters of different calibers that pose a huge danger to Six and require the player to be stealthy, fast, and tactical, otherwise the girl will easily become their victim.

What’s in the Little Nightmares mod

In the mod for the atmospheric horror game Little Nightmares, the license check has been removed, which allows you not to buy the video game, but to play it completely for free.


Little Nightmares is an excellent game in the puzzle-platformer genre with horror elements, which is distinguished by its unique setting, an interesting plot, and excellent graphics. It will perfectly suit those gamers who prefer to apply logical thinking and rely on attentiveness. The horror game will become indispensable for those who love to experience fear and tension.

MOD Feature
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