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JUMP Assemble is a multiplayer video game in the MOBA genre with beautiful three-dimensional graphics, dedicated to the confrontation of characters from the popular manga Weekly Shonen Jump. Gamers can expect dynamic battles in a 5 vs. 5 format on a spacious arena with a lot of dangers and surprises.

What’s interesting in the game JUMP Assemble

The MOBA genre appeared thanks to the legendary video game DOTA and has already been one of the most popular among online video games for more than 20 years. The essence of such game formats is team battles – in this case, in 5 vs. 5 and 3 vs. 3 modes. Each player chooses a character (they are divided into classes and perform unique roles) and must actively interact with the team to achieve victory.

Killing opponents (both mobs and other players’ characters) does not guarantee victory. The main task of the gamers is to destroy the enemy’s buildings or to fulfill other conditions, for example, scoring points – everything depends on the chosen mode in the end.

In such video games, gamers simply have to learn to work in a team. It is impossible to achieve victory alone, because one character is not a warrior in the field.

Features of JUMP Assemble

Anime style. Anime graphics have always been popular with gamers, as it gives the video game a truly unique atmosphere. Of course, the game in this design will appeal to all fans of manga and anime cartoons.

Large selection of characters. Gamers can choose from more than a dozen heroes, each of which differs not only in visual parameters. Each of the fighters can boast a unique set of abilities and attacks, from which the battle tactics are built.

Cool combat system. The combat mechanics look extremely dynamic. It allows players to use an impressive variety of skills of their characters. In addition, many abilities can be combined – this will allow you to deal even more damage to opponents.

Flawless technical execution. From a technical point of view, the video game is perfect. The optimization of this MOBA is at the highest level, thanks to which the project can boast of good performance. And this, in turn, allows the game to work stably even on weak smartphones, not to mention powerful ones.

Alternatives to JUMP Assemble

Brawl Stars. Currently the most popular video game for smartphones, which is mainly developed for a children’s audience of gamers. The project allows you to collect unique characters and fight in many unique modes that raise the MOBA genre to a fundamentally new level.

League of Legends: Wild Rift. Mobile official adaptation of the already cult MOBA, which enjoys incredible popularity especially among gamers from Asian countries.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. An extremely popular MOBA that strongly resembles the legendary DOTA 2 in its style and general gameplay parameters.


JUMP Assemble is a great option for fans of video games in the MOBA genre who also love anime style. Otherwise, this project is little different from its counterparts – except that, thanks to excellent optimization, it will work well on weak smartphones.

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