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Jenny Minecraft APK

Jenny Minecraft APK

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Jenny is one of the most popular fan-made mods for Minecraft, one of the best video games for smartphones and PCs. This unique modification adds a cool character to the game and many options for interacting with her.

What’s interesting in Jenny mod for Minecraft

Jenny is a real find for Minecraft fans who want to try something truly original and unusual. This modification does not just add a new character – it offers to interact with a very beautiful cubic girl with a large chest.

Jenny is drawn as a real sex icon, of course, by Minecraft standards. As already mentioned, she has a large chest, a beautiful figure, and a cute face. Players can not only talk to the beauty but also enter into romantic and sexual relationships with her. That is why this modification has a rating of 18+.

In addition, Jenny can help players in the game, as she is a friendly mod that can become a useful companion. She can be equipped with weapons, and the girl will effectively fight in battle. Moreover, she can carry many things on herself, which will help during long adventures.


Several new dwellings have appeared where you can find a new mob – Jenny. The developers have also installed furniture in them, including a bed, to indulge in carnal pleasures with the woman. Moreover, in the house, you can find a pole so that Jenny can dance an explicit dance.

18+ content. One of the main new features that this mod adds is the ability to have sex with the mob Jenny. This is a unique mechanic that is not found in any other mod.

Jenny can be bought. We are talking about the services that the girl can provide for a certain fee. For example, the same striptease – this is far from a free service, as well as sex.

Jenny can carry the player’s things. She can be used as an additional inventory, which is an extremely useful function in any adventure.

Jenny helps in battle. The player can equip the mob with weapons and protective gear, after which the girl will turn into a good companion who will provide serious support in any battle.

How to install the mod

The download file (packed in an archive) has the format .mcaddon. This format of mods for Minecraft PE allows you to install the mod much faster than ever before.

Let’s find out how to install the mod for Minecraft PE in the format .mcpack:

  1. Download the mod itself, i.e., all the necessary files in the format .mcpack or .mcaddon.
  2. Unpack the mod archive.
  3. Open the folder with the downloaded files.
  4. Try to open the downloaded mod (just click on the file in the format .mcpack or .mcaddon).
  5. Often, it happens that you cannot open the mod on your phone. In such a situation, we recommend that you download any file manager. Open the File Manager, find the downloaded mod, and activate it.
  6. That’s it! The mod installation on your phone will start at this point.
  7. You will see a black screen for some time. You will have to wait for the installation to finish.


Jenny is a fan-made mod that does not drastically affect the gameplay. However, among those who are tired of boring mods, Jenny has incredible popularity. New unique options for interaction can hook you for at least a few hours, and the beauty will always help you in the game.

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