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Idle Office Tycoon

Idle Office Tycoon Mod 2.4.9 APK Unlimited money

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Idle Office Tycoon is a popular economic simulator with management elements in which players get the opportunity to build their own business empire in real estate and join the list of the richest people according to the authoritative Forbes magazine.

What’s interesting in Idle Office Tycoon

The main character, up until the start of the events, was an ordinary person with practically no money in his pocket, and he didn’t even dream that he would soon have the opportunity to develop his own real estate company. A mysterious millionaire, for unknown reasons, decided to invest money in an ordinary guy who now needs to make the right use of this chance.

It is necessary to start with the construction of the first office in his hometown. After the work is completed, it is necessary to rent out the space. As money is earned, it is recommended to upgrade the building, thereby increasing its prestige, and in this way, you can increase the rent price.

After earning a decent capital, the player can build new buildings in this same city or try their hand in other cities and even countries, which they can travel to. Thus, the protagonist can build a fortune. It is also important not to forget about housing for the main character – it can be furnished. The game allows you to buy luxury items, including various types of cars.


Simple controls. Most of the management mechanics in Idle Office Tycoon come from the clicker genre, so players will not face difficulties. Everything is maximally easy, and most importantly, clear even to beginners. However, players will still have to think about where and how to invest money to get the most profit.

Presence of a plot. A full-fledged story with developing events is far from a typical element for this genre, so the game is twice as interesting. It is important to note that there are many story arcs – both main and additional.

Many development opportunities. As in other economic simulators, players have a lot of tools at their disposal for developing their business, as well as space for realizing all their ideas.

Building around the world. Players will initially start in only one city, but in the future, they can significantly expand their business not only in neighboring cities but also in other countries.

Choice system. During the completion of almost every task, the player will have the opportunity to choose answer options that will affect the further development of events.

What’s in Idle Office Tycoon Mod APK

In the mod for Idle Office Tycoon, players receive an unlimited amount of money on their balance. Bucks are the main resource in the game, for which you can develop your business, so their unlimited amount will allow you to build a huge empire much faster and become not only the richest but also the most influential person in the world.


Idle Office Tycoon is one of the best economic simulators for Android, which can boast of simple mechanics from clickers, a pleasant picture, and most importantly – the presence of a storyline and even not one, which is far from many similar projects of the genre.

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