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Ice Scream 8 APK

Ice Scream 8 Mod 2.0 APK Unlimited money

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Ice Scream 8 is the next part in the popular series of horror games where players once again find themselves in the role of unfortunate children who have been kidnapped by an evil ice cream man, and now they must escape from his lair, overcoming fear and danger, as well as many puzzles.


The plot of the game continues the events of the previous parts. The ice cream man seemed to have been defeated, but he has been resurrected and is now even stronger and more dangerous. He has kidnapped new children and taken them to his mysterious lair, where they must now work for him, producing ice cream. The player must help them escape and unravel the mystery of the ice cream man.

To escape, users will have to explore the ice cream man’s lair, solve puzzles, and avoid encounters with him and his assistants. The horror game has several levels, each of which is a separate location, such as an ice cream factory, a laboratory, or an underground bunker.

The atmosphere in Ice Scream 8 is simply amazing. The horror combines classic elements of the genre, such as dark scenery, unexpected monster appearances, and ominous music, with more modern mechanics, such as stealth and puzzles. This creates a unique and captivating experience that will appeal to both horror fans and lovers of adventure games with horror elements.


Unique antagonist. The ice cream man is not just another monster in a mask. He has his own story, motives, and even his own personality. This makes him one of the most memorable antagonists in horror games.

Non-linear plot. The game has several endings, and the player’s choice affects how the plot develops. This adds replayability to the game and allows users to explore different aspects of the story.

Cooperative mode. In Ice Scream 8, there is a cooperative mode where two players can work together to escape from the ice cream man’s lair. This adds another level of complexity to the horror and allows users to share their fear and excitement.

More puzzles. There will be even more puzzles and brain teasers that will require players to use logic and think hard.

Advanced AI of opponents. Enemies have become much smarter and act lightning fast, which leaves players even less chance of survival.

What’s in the Ice Scream 8 mod

In the mod for Ice Scream 8, players can expect a lot of cheat bonuses, including:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited number of hints.
  • Unlimited traps.


Ice Scream 8 is an excellent horror game that combines classic elements of the genre with more modern mechanics. A unique antagonist, a non-linear plot, and a cooperative mode make it one of the most captivating and memorable games in the series.

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