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Hunter Assassin APK

Hunter Assassin Mod 1.981 APK VIP/All Characters Unlocked

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Hunter Assassin is a video game in the stealth and puzzle genres in which players will control professional assassins and eliminate dozens of targets while trying to remain unnoticed. Unlock the rarest killers and destroy enemies using an impressive arsenal and cunning.

What’s interesting in the game Hunter Assassin

In the course of Hunter Assassin, players will not encounter any storyline or complex missions with good direction as in Hitman: Blood Money for Android. Here, everything is much simpler and boils down to the systematic elimination of enemies on complex locations where the enemy can appear from anywhere.

In each mission, the player is given a specific task. Most often, this will be the killing of all enemies on the location or the elimination of a specific target. The character must act as covertly as possible, as attracting attention will quickly raise the alarm, and the killer will not be able to cope with a whole army of armed opponents. All enemies must be eliminated quietly, without making noise.


Simple controls. For a successful game, users only need to use two fingers – one will be responsible for the movement of the character, and the second for the attack.

Many characters. Initially, only one hired assassin with basic abilities and a primitive appearance is available to users. However, there is an opportunity to unlock more cool killers for the earned resources. They not only look more attractive but also have higher starting characteristics.

Lots of missions. Players will not be able to complete the game, as this is essentially impossible. All the tasks are procedurally generated and cannot end. This approach also does not allow the player to predict what will happen next, as an opponent can suddenly appear around any corner.

Interesting mechanics. Despite all the casualness, the simulator has such systems as stealth, silent killing, character upgrades, and many others.

Very low system requirements. Hunter Assassin will work perfectly even on the weakest devices, as it uses a very simple but at the same time stylish image.

What’s in the mod Hunter Assassin Mod APK

In the mod for the Hunter Assassin assassin simulator, the VIP subscription is unlocked, which could previously be purchased only for real money. Now players can save money on buying a subscription, which, by the way, had to be renewed every month, which in total gives serious expenses.

The free VIP subscription gives players:

  1. A unique ninja assassin character.
  2. Complete removal of all advertising.
  3. 5,000 gems are credited to the balance.
  4. A permanent +100% level of gem earnings.

With such bonuses, players not only get a starting advantage but also a constant boost to their future earnings, which, in turn, significantly simplifies the gameplay.


Hunter Assassin, although considered a casual assassin simulator, remains a very interesting game with a lot of mechanics and subtleties that you need to master in order to really show a first-class result in each mission.

MOD Feature
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