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Haunted Dorm Mod

Haunted Dorm Mod 1.7.3 APK Unlimited money/Gems

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Haunted Dorm is a very popular strategy strategy game in which players, as desperate teenagers, must confront the monstrous ghosts from another world who intend to feast on humans.

What’s interesting in Haunted Dorm

Players will be transported to an exciting but also monstrous setting where ghost stories and scary tales turn out to be the truth. The ghosts are, for some reason, too numerous in the dormitories where the main character ends up by “lucky chance.”

His task is quite clear – to confront the ghosts who almost never stop. The protagonist has no other choice, as there is nowhere to run from the dorm – he will have to fight, using all methods. The main methods are the construction of special protective towers that can attack non-material ghosts. At the same time, it is necessary to spend strength and time on farming resources, without which the construction of the same protective towers is impossible.

Overall, it’s a classic tower defense game, but it’s cardinally different in its setting. Many are used to fantasy worlds with fairy-tale creatures like elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, and so on. Here, the world is more than real, except for the ghosts from popular urban legends.


Pleasant graphics. The visual style is maximally minimalistic, and therefore the game has low system requirements. Nevertheless, the picture is stylish and has many gothic elements.

Huge number of levels. The events unfold in different dormitories where students live and, of course, where ghosts attack. There are hundreds of levels, and each subsequent one will be more difficult to complete, as the ghosts become stronger over time.

A large variety of defensive towers. Players can install defensive structures in special points that will attack ghosts with different effects.

Unique enemies. There is a large variety of ghosts – they differ from each other in appearance and characteristics. They have unique strengths and weaknesses that are important to learn to effectively fight against them.

Gameplay that makes you think. “Tower defense” is a genre of strategy where it is extremely important to correctly distribute resources and act as quickly as possible. In addition, players must constantly improve their skills, as the difficulty will only increase with each level.

What’s in Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Many are looking for a mod for Haunted Dorm that could give an unlimited amount of money and crystals on the account. However, that mod does not exist, as the game is well-protected from third-party modifications.

The only existing working mod for Haunted Dorm disables ads, and we offer to download this version below.


Haunted Dorm is one of the best games in the “tower defense” format that allows you to enjoy the original gameplay in a fantasy setting and save students from the dormitory from extremely dangerous ghosts.

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