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Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War Legacy Mod 2023.5.318 APK Unlimited Gems

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Stick War Legacy is a top video game in the strategy genre, where gamers will control a tribe of funny little people better known as stickmen. Players must help protect their magical stones and of course, capture enemy ones.

What’s interesting in the game Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War is a very old video game that became popular many years ago when it was a browser game. Now it is a full-fledged mobile strategy with a multimillion-dollar army of fans. It can be called complex and fun at the same time, and also large-scale and very long, as it is capable of captivating for whole years.

The game has many modes, including:

  1. Classic campaign. Many levels with gradually increasing difficulty. In addition, new opportunities, units, and other content are opened in each new task. This format can be called plot-based, but do not expect an interesting story.
  2. Survival mode with zombies. A battle format for survival, in which the player’s main task is to stay alive for as many nights as possible. Zombies will attack every night and there will be more and more of them each time.
  3. Tournaments. Battles against tough opponents controlled by AI in a series of difficult trials for the right to receive valuable rewards.

The events take place in a fantasy world called Inamorta. Many nations of drawn people live in it, each of which worships its own religion and has a unique culture. The ruler of one of the tribes, for which the gamer plays, decides to conquer the rest, since their religions and culture are considered false.

Features of Stick War Legacy

Minimalistic graphics. The graphics in the game are simultaneously unpretentious and high-quality. All units and objects are stylishly drawn, and the battles look effective and large-scale. But at the same time, the game works well even on weak smartphones due to excellent optimization.

Many unique spells. In order to gain an advantage over opponents even in the most difficult situations, players can use an impressive variety of spells and special abilities. Most of them deal damage to enemies, and some, on the contrary, help allied units.

Upgrading stickmen. Gamers can regularly upgrade their units, increasing their starting characteristics, as well as adding bonus attributes that will make them stronger in battle or during resource gathering.

Many battle modes. Not only one format of passage is available. In addition to the classic campaign, gamers can start the survival mode, where you can fight against deadly zombies.

What’s in the mod Stick War Legacy Mod APK

In the version of Stick War Legacy Mod APK, gamers get access to an unlimited number of crystals. Crystals are the main resource for which you can upgrade your troops, as well as open new spells and unique abilities.

If you do not have an infinite number of crystals on your balance – spend them and when spending, they will increase, not decrease in quantity.


Stick War Legacy is an original strategy video game that never gets boring. It offers a complex and interesting, but sometimes funny gameplay. Gamers will have to learn how to manage resource extraction and at the same time lead troops into battle, as well as protect the base.

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