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GTA 5 Mod 1.3 APK Unlimited Money

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GTA 5 is the legendary fifth part of the shooter with an open virtual world and incredibly realistic setting, full of satire on modern American society life in California, full of vices and freedom.

What’s interesting in the game GTA 5

The events take place in the sunny megapolis of Los Santos, which is a virtual prototype of Los Angeles. At the center of the story are three unique characters, including:

Michael. A wealthy businessman who lives with his wife and son in a prestigious area of the megapolis. In the past, Michael was the leader of a criminal organization, but managed to avoid punishment after being wounded and caught, but went through the witness protection program. Cooperation with law enforcement agencies gave him a new life, however, it begins to crack and it’s time to return to the old business, but Michael will need a new team.

Trevor. A man who is an alcoholic and drug addict, and also an incredible sadist who loves killings and engages in the production and sale of drugs. In the past, Trevor was Michael’s friend and a member of his criminal team. He is considered dead. When he finds out that his friend is alive, he decides to join him to carry out a series of robberies together.

Franklin. A young black guy from the poorest district of the megapolis, who all his life dreamed of a bright future, however, like most young people with a similar background, went down the criminal path. Life by a happy coincidence brought him together with Michael and opened the way to his criminal organization, which gave Franklin a chance to earn and get out of the slums.

They must unite in one team and gather the best specialists in their field to carry out a series of the most daring robberies in the country’s history.


High level of graphics. The detail of the virtual world, cars, and characters in the GTA series is always at an extremely high level. However, in the fifth part, the developers have surpassed themselves. Los Santos has never been so beautiful and realistic.

Three playable characters. As already mentioned, gamers can control three unique heroes, each of whom has their own unique story and motives. In addition, they have access to special abilities that help in passing.

Absolute freedom of action. When gamers do not complete story missions, they are free to do whatever they want. The virtual world only contributes to the fact that users realize their fantasies.

Many activities and hobbies. Outside of completing story quests, users will find something to do, for example, they can play golf, swim in the ocean, ride a bike, play a game of big tennis and much more.

A huge variety of weapons. Gamers can use an impressive arsenal of modern weapons, with which you can literally create chaos on the streets of the megapolis. Both firearms and cold weapons are available. Also, there will be a lot of types of explosives.

Car tuning. In workshops, players have the opportunity to tune and customize any car. An incredible variety of parts are available, created for each individual vehicle.

Tons of satire and humor. The developers of GTA 5 masterfully mock and criticize the life of American bohemian society, but do not offend anyone. As for humor, it is of the highest quality here and is always added where it is really needed.

Beta version

At the moment, a full-fledged version of the beloved by many GTA 5 for mobile devices has not yet been developed. There is only a fan beta version, in which only a small fragment of the video game has been developed. There is only one district, but there is an opportunity to drive a car and enjoy the beauty of the virtual world.


GTA 5 is one of those video games that were developed for many years. This set the tone for the development of the gaming industry and won the hearts of millions of fans. Every gamer must go through this story and enjoy the adventures of three desperate criminals.

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