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Garten of Banban 7 APK

Garten of Banban 7 APK 1.0

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Garden of Banban 7 is the continuation of an extremely popular series of indie video games in which players immerse themselves in a world of terrifying fantasies and adventures full of dangers and mysteries. The story of the monstrous children’s garden is revealed from an even darker side and offers a lot of new challenges.


In Garden of Banban 7, you play as a young man who sets out to the locations under the Banban kindergarten to find his missing child. There have been many strange stories about this kindergarten for a long time, and now that all the children have literally disappeared, the protagonist begins to believe in them, although he was previously very skeptical. After he finds his child, the protagonist must find a way to return home, and for this, he will have to explore this world, fight with enemies, and solve complex puzzles.

The player must also collect items such as keys and weapons and use them to progress through the storyline campaign. As for the virtual world itself, it consists of many levels, each of which has its unique design and puzzles.

The enemies in Garden of Banban 7 are strange creatures that are somewhat similar to animals, humans, and, of course, to soft toys. It is important to note that all hostile units and bosses have unique abilities and weaknesses that are very important to remember for a successful passage.


A unique surrealistic world. The horror game features a deep and mysterious setting. It consists of many locations, each of which has its unique design and puzzles.

Complex puzzles. The game can boast of the presence of very complex puzzles that will require the player to have good thinking and attentiveness.

Battles with enemies. There will be no shortage of battles with numerous and very dangerous enemies in the horror game, which require the player to have good reaction and do not forgive mistakes at all.

Unique opponents. The enemies in the game are strange creatures that have their unique abilities and weaknesses. Each of them requires an individual approach.


Garden of Banban 7 is undoubtedly an original and self-contained indie game that immerses players in a world of terrifying fantasies and tense adventures. Ahead are the most complex puzzles and battles with strong enemies, who will make you pay dearly for the slightest mistake.

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