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FPV Freerider APK

FPV Freerider APK Full Game

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FPV Freerider is an incredibly relevant video game in the simulation genre, in which gamers get the opportunity to control FPV drones in a virtual three-dimensional world. This project boasts a high level of realism, thanks to which the skills acquired in the video game can be usefully applied in real life.

What’s interesting in the game FPV Freerider APK

FPV drones are a fairly common gadget these days, flying which brings a lot of pleasure to many. Unfortunately, FPV drones are not the cheapest pleasure, since the device is high-tech.

The FPV Freerider simulator is designed to fully imitate the process of controlling a drone, offering exactly the same experience, but now completely free of charge. Gamers will be able to use a large number of drones, and the gameplay for each of them will be unique and unrepeatable.

Beginners should not worry that the game will seem too difficult, since there are quite simple tasks here, the main goal of which is to teach gamers this fascinating process of flying drones.


A large variety of drones. In this video game, gamers get the opportunity to use more than 20 unique drones of all possible configurations. Here you will find both amateur models for beginners and professional aircraft that cost a lot of money in real life and perform an incredibly wide range of tasks.

Low system requirements. FPV Freerider will work great even on very weak smartphones, not to mention more powerful and modern ones. Despite the decent picture, FPS on weak smartphones remains high due to excellent performance.

Many beautiful three-dimensional locations. Gamers can fly on dozens of detailed locations. There are both completely open maps that give full space for maneuvers and do not put any obstacles, as well as locations where there will be many obstacles that will have to be learned to overcome right in flight, which is not as easy as it might seem.

Realistic physics. The physics of the behavior of FPV drones is implemented at the highest level and looks the same as in real life. This gives gamers an exciting gaming experience that can also be used in real life, which is doubly relevant and cool.

Many tasks for learning to fly. In addition to the free play mode, where you can literally fly anywhere, there is a large set of tasks aimed at teaching the gamer the peculiarities of flying FPV drones.


FPV Freerider is an excellent video game that will definitely appeal to everyone who has always dreamed of having their own FPV drone. However, such a gadget costs a pretty penny, and not everyone can afford such a valuable purchase. But the FPV Freerider simulator is available absolutely free, and therefore everyone can get the maximum positive emotions from the flight.

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