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eFootball™ 2024

eFootball™ 2024 Mod APK 8.5.1

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eFootball™ 2024 is a continuation of the most popular series of video game simulators dedicated to the amazing and exciting world of professional football. Gamers will have to lead a top football team and bring it to prestigious titles and awards.

What’s interesting in the game eFootball™ 2024

In the world, hundreds of millions of people literally cannot imagine their lives without such a sport as football. If they do not play it themselves, then they regularly watch broadcasts where the best teams of the country or the whole world play.

There is also another way to enjoy football – to play it. eFootball™ 2024 will give you the opportunity to enjoy this sport right on your smartphones. It should be noted that this simulator has a console level of quality – this is indicated by both the graphics and the gameplay development.

During the game, gamers will literally control the entire life of a football club. It will be necessary to decide for yourself who will go out on the field, and who should sit on the bench. Also, the duties will include searching for and buying new athletes, selling old ones if the situation requires it, planning the training schedule, and much more.


Photorealistic graphics. The level of detail and drawing of characters in this video game is especially impressive. In this version, the athletes are already practically indistinguishable from real football players. As for the drawing of the stadium, its quality has also noticeably improved.

A large variety of clubs. Gamers have access to an incredible number of football clubs from many countries where football is actively developed. You can easily choose Liverpool, Barcelona, Napoli, PSG, and many others. Also, nothing prevents the player from creating their own club and bringing it glory.

Several modes. In addition to the campaign mode, where you need to pump the club and help it achieve heights, there will also be other no less interesting modes. Among the simplest is a quick game where you can practice before a responsible gaming session.

Realistic gameplay. With each new video game in the eFootball™ series, it becomes more and more realistic. This is especially true of the behavior of players on the football field, their movements, ball control, and other gameplay mechanics.

What’s in the mod eFootball™ 2024 Mod APK

The full of the cool football simulator eFootball™ 2024 is available – the best in its genre.


FIFA Mobile Soccer. A decent alternative simulator that offers the same gameplay. However, this video game differs in a slightly smaller scale and a more primitive level of graphics. However, the system requirements in this simulator are also lower.

Top Eleven. An excellent football simulator in which gamers will not be able to directly control the athletes during matches, but will perform the role of a manager and coach.

Soccer Stars. A simpler and more minimalistic video game in terms of graphics and gameplay than most football simulators. Here the emphasis is on, directly, the confrontation between two real gamers in short battles up to two goals.


eFootball™ 2024 is one of the most realistic football simulators on Android, which has a multimillion-dollar army of fans. The game can boast of excellent realistic graphics and matches that are really hard to distinguish from real ones.

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