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Bloody Bastards APK

Bloody Bastards Mod 4.1.3 APK Unlimited money/All unlocked

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Bloody Bastards is a fairly popular indie video game among old-school fans in the fighting and adventure genres. It is characterized by stylish pixel graphics reminiscent of old games for consoles. In Bloody Bastards, you can play both locally and online, with friends or random players from around the world.

What’s interesting in the game Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards offers dynamic and captivating battles in which not only strength and speed are important but also tactics and the ability to use the environment. The game has several modes, including classic fighting, capture the flag mode, and survival mode. Each mode requires its own approach and strategy, which makes the game diverse and interesting.

Classic fighting. The standard basic mode, presented by single or multiplayer matches, where you need to deprive your opponent of health points to win.

Capture the flag. In this mode, in addition to fighting with opponents, it is also necessary to capture the flag on their base and bring it to your own. The task will not be easy, as you need to combine several responsibilities at once.

Survival. This gameplay format is different in that it is impossible to complete it to the end, as players will have to fight in an endless series of battles, where each subsequent one will become only more and more difficult, and there will be no end to the enemies.


Pixel graphics. Bloody Bastards is made in a pixel style that gives the game a retro-look and a unique atmosphere.

Multiplayer. In the fighting game, you can play with friends or other players from around the world, both locally and online. Thanks to the ability to fight with real opponents, the game never gets boring.

Different modes. The game offers several modes, including a fighting match, a capture-the-flag mode, and a survival mode, which makes the game diverse and interesting.

Dynamic skirmishes. The fights in the game are fast and captivating, with an emphasis on tactics and the use of the environment. They look very realistic and are not the easiest to master.

Unique characters. The game has several unparalleled fighters, each with their strengths and weaknesses, which allows players to choose the one that suits their style of battle.

Destructible environment. Some elements of the environment can be destroyed, which adds strategic depth and creates new opportunities for attack and defense.

Easy to learn, hard to master. The game quickly hooks novices, as it is indeed not difficult to master. However, the fighting still requires time and practice for the player to become a true master.

What’s in the mod Bloody Bastards Mod APK

In the version with the mod Bloody Bastards, players can expect the following starting advantages:

  1. Everything is unlocked.
  2. Unlimited money (increases after use).
  3. Disable game protection (if you do not use this feature, you will be banned).
  4. Freeze enemy attack.

Very important! Never go into multiplayer mode. The game will be broken, and you will have to delete and reinstall it.


Bloody Bastards is an excellent fighting game with unique pixel graphics, dynamic battles, and diverse modes. Its multiplayer component makes the game even more attractive and interesting, and the destructible environment and unique characters add strategic depth.

MOD Feature
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