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Ant Colony

Ant Colony Mod 5.2.2 APK Unlocked Everything

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Ant Colony is a well-developed strategy game in which gamers get the opportunity to develop a huge ant colony in the wild. The strategy boasts a well-developed simulation of ant colony life.

What’s interesting in the game Ant Colony

In the Ant Colony strategy, the player takes on the role of the leader of an ant colony. The gamer is obliged to build an anthill, collect resources, protect the colony from enemies, and develop it in many basic directions.

To properly develop the ant colony, the player needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

Resource collection. Ants must collect food, water, and other resources necessary for the development of the colony.

Anthill construction. Ants must build new rooms in the anthill to increase its size and provide space for new ants.

Reproduction. The colony must reproduce to increase the number of ants and improve the efficiency of the colony’s work.

Protection. The colony must protect itself from enemies such as spiders and wasps, which can harm the ants and the anthill.

Tips for passing

Start with a small colony. Start with a small colony to better understand how the game works and avoid mistakes at the beginning of the game.

Monitor resources. Monitor resources to always have enough food and water for the ants.

Develop the anthill. Develop the anthill to increase its size and provide space for new ants.

Protect the colony. Protect the colony from enemies using warrior ants and other means of protection.


Realistic simulation. Ant Colony is a realistic simulation of ant life that takes into account many factors such as resource gathering, reproduction, and protection.

Many species of ants. The game features many species of ants, each of which has its unique abilities and characteristics.

Dynamic environment. The environment in the game is dynamic and changes depending on the time of day and weather.

What’s in the mod Ant Colony

In the mod for Ant Colony, annoying advertising that strongly distracted from the gameplay is disabled.


Ant Colony is a real find for fans of strategies who want to find a non-standard video game of this genre. Many species of ants, a dynamic environment, and a well-developed simulation of ant colony life make the video game an excellent option to keep yourself busy for long evenings.

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