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Alien Invasion APK

Alien Invasion Mod 3.0.66 APK Unlimited Money

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Alien Invasion is a mobile video game in the genre of a creature management simulator. During the story, players must improve the alien by absorbing all opponents in its path and complete numerous quests in many corners of the system.


The game begins with an alien creature finding itself on an unknown planet. The creature resembles a mindless being with tentacles that can absorb any biological form of life. However, at the beginning of the game, due to its small size, the alien cannot eat anyone larger than an ordinary human.

To fix this, players must constantly improve the alien. This is the main gameplay mechanic. Players can upgrade the creature in many ways, such as increasing the number of tentacles, size, health regeneration speed, stomach size, and absorption and digestion speed.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the game, no one will particularly resist the alien, but as the game progresses, enemies will react and send powerful units to the battlefield that can destroy the creature. To avoid this, players must maximize their character’s upgrades to effectively counter any threat.


Minimalistic graphics. They allow players to enjoy the image on the screen while having low system requirements, which is great for owners of weak smartphones.

Many missions. The game has many missions that include various goals and tasks, mainly absorbing certain targets, improving the alien, and interacting with different mechanisms.

Maximum simple controls. All controls are done with simple taps on the screen, so even children can figure it out.

The ability to improve the alien. Initially, the creature will be quite weak and will not be able to eat serious prey, but as the story progresses, players can upgrade many characteristics and turn the protagonist into a true killing machine.

What’s in the Alien Invasion mod

In the mod for the Alien Invasion simulator, players get the opportunity to have unlimited resources. The mod works in such a way that when spending any resources, they will not decrease but increase in quantity.


Alien Invasion is an excellent simulator for fans of science fiction video games. By controlling a deadly alien, the player must help it become a universal killing machine and conquer the world. The simple controls and minimalistic graphics make the simulator maximally accessible to a wide audience of gamers.

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