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Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers Mod APK 1.36.7 Unlimited money

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Zombie Catchers is a mobile arcade game where players act as zombie hunters who must catch them and sell them as burgers and other dishes.


The arcade’s actions take place in an alternative and, of course, surrealistic future where a zombie virus has turned most of the population into monsters. The main character is not just a zombie hunter, but also an alien with highly advanced technologies.

In Zombie Catchers, you need to catch zombies using various traps and weapons. You can choose between different locations, each of which has its own features and types of zombies. The main task, as in most similar arcades, is quite simple and clear – to earn as much money as possible by selling burgers and other dishes made from zombies, and build your business empire.

During the quests, you need to lure the zombies out of their hiding places, as they are afraid of the alien and will try to hide when they see him. However, they can always be deceived by appealing to their strongest sense – hunger. Zombies will always try to eat brains, so they will become an excellent bait, which you will have to learn to use again and again.


Engaging gameplay. Zombie Catchers offers an engaging gaming experience that will make you really tense and come up with unique ways to catch zombies.

Diverse locations. The game has many beautiful futuristic locations, each of which has its own features and types of zombies.

Customizable weapons. The arcade has the ability to customize weapons to suit you, which will allow you to more effectively catch zombies. Of course, the arsenal itself is very large – it will have to be opened gradually.

Bright graphics. Zombie Catchers has modern and colorful graphics that create a unique atmosphere and immerse you in the futuristic setting.

Simple controls. In this regard, the arcade is maximally accessible and does not require any special skills – even a beginner can figure it out in just a few minutes.

What’s in the mod for Zombie Catchers

In the mod for the very fun arcade Zombie Catchers, players receive an unlimited amount of money on their balance, which will allow them to quickly buy cool weapons and tools, pump them up, and catch zombies much more effectively.


Zombie Catchers is an excellent mobile arcade game that offers engaging gameplay and bright graphics. The game has many different locations, types of zombies, and weapons, which makes it even more interesting and engaging. The constant updates and free downloads make the game accessible to everyone. If you are looking for a mobile game that will make you really tense and fight for survival, then Zombie Catchers is an excellent choice.

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