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Chicken Gun APK

Chicken Gun Mod 4.0.2 APK Unlimited money

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Chicken Gun is an entertaining and dynamic multiplayer shooting video game with team battles on spacious locations. In it, gamers from all over the world control funny combat chickens, armed with various weapons and explosives.

What’s interesting in the game Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun is one of those online shooters that offers gamers a variety of battle formats, so they simply cannot be disappointed by the monotonous content. For example, the following match formats are available:

  1. Classic Battle. In this mode, players fight each other until only one player is left.
  2. Flag Mode. In this format, two teams fight each other, trying to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to their base.
  3. Bomb Mode. Here, two teams fight each other, trying to blow up the bomb on the enemy’s base.
  4. Quests. In this mode, players complete various tasks to earn points and win.
  5. Tank Battles. Arcade battles with a top view, where gamers can control casual armored vehicles.

In addition to all the above, Chicken Gun stands out from most similar projects with its visual style. It is less serious and more humorous here. Also, there will be no clichéd characters for the genre – terrorists and special forces. The combat chickens here look much more appropriate and original.


Unique gameplay. The shooter offers a unique gameplay that is different from other multiplayer shooters. Players control chickens that can jump, run, and shoot from weapons. Moreover, it is much simpler than in many team shooters.

A variety of weapons. There is a large variety of weapons in the game, from which players can choose their murder weapon. It includes pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even rocket launchers.

Customizable characters. Players can customize their characters by choosing different hats, glasses, and beards. This allows gamers to create a unique image of their chicken.

Dynamic battles. The battles in the shooter are very dynamic and require good reaction and accurate aiming from the players. Gamers can jump on the walls, dodge bullets, and use the environment for their purposes.

What’s in the mod Chicken Gun Mod APK

In the version of the Chicken Gun video game, a mod is built-in that credits an unlimited amount of coins to the players’ balance. They can be used to purchase items for character customization, of which there are hundreds.


Chicken Gun is a top-notch multiplayer game that offers a unique gameplay, a large variety of weapons, and customizable characters. The battles in the shooter are very dynamic and require good reaction and accurate aiming from the players. Different game modes offer a deep gaming experience, making the shooter even more attractive.

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