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WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK

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Messengers are applications without which practically no one can imagine their life. These applications have changed the lives of many, as they have provided a unique and completely free opportunity to communicate with anyone on the planet using the Internet.

One of the most popular messengers is WhatsApp. If you came to this page, then the classic communication application does not suit you. The unique WhatsApp Plus build can boast of some features that make it much cooler than the original.

What’s interesting about WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp, despite the fact that it is one of the oldest messengers, does not lose its relevance. Since the number of WhatsApp users is counted in hundreds of millions, many developers have begun to create their own builds of the popular communication client.

And one of the coolest builds is WhatsApp Plus. There are several variations of this mod, but they all use the same developments and features. As before, using the modified WhatsApp Plus client, users will be able to communicate with other people for free, but now they get a lot of new features and content, for example, exclusive smileys that can be shared with other users.

Instead of the classic green background, WhatsApp Plus client owners get a more attractive visual – gold design, which incredibly pleases the eye. In addition, now users can easily change themes – there are more than a hundred of them. This is only a small part of the main features of the WhatsApp Plus build, and we will get acquainted with them in detail in the section below.


Funny smileys. All WhatsApp Plus clients get a large set of original smileys and emojis that can no longer be found in other messengers. They are designed to significantly diversify the conversation and make it brighter.

Simplified file exchange. In the original client, users could not send large files and they had to be compressed heavily, as a result of which they lost a lot in quality. Here the size of the files that can be thrown to other users is increased.

Increased privacy. In WhatsApp Plus, a more modern and perfect protocol for protecting confidential data is used, so users no longer have to worry about the security of their data.

Chat pinning. In the improved Plus build, users can now pin up to 1000 chats.

Location notification. In the standard application, this process takes quite a long time, and in the improved version, you can share your location literally in one click.

Cleaning up unnecessary garbage. During the operation of any application, it accumulates cache and other mostly unnecessary files. They do not bring any benefit, but only take up space in the device’s memory. WhatsApp is no exception in this regard and also accumulates garbage. In the Plus build, users can use a tool that allows you to clean your phone from unnecessary files.

Login from multiple accounts. A very useful feature that is highly appreciated by users, because many want to sit from one device at once from two, or even more accounts.


WhatsApp Plus is a popular modified client of one of the best messengers in the world. Users get a lot of new features in it, as well as an improvement of the old ones. Now communication with people all over the world has become even more convenient and safer than ever before.

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