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hammer vpn

Looking for the complete guide and want to use this best VPN, but before going to use this please read the detailed guide about the hammer VPN. We will share the Hammer VPN APk, you can easily download the apk file of this VPN and use it and get benefits from this that other VPNs can provide.

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Hammer is one of the best VPN and it is also known as the anti-DPI VPN. What does Anti-DPImean that?

DPI stands for “data packet inspection” is an advanced method of packet filtering the use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute or block packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering, which examines only packet headers, cannot detect.

Want to read further about DPI?  please follow the given Source ” DPI “.

It’s mean if you are using the secure channel, you are still detectable to anyone but as we discuss above this VPN is anti-DPI VPN that makes it impossible to detect your traffic, the application you are using even you became undetectable to anyone.

It is one of the powerful features of this VPN that other VPN can’t provide to his users. Keep reading this article we will discuss in-depth and in detail the other features that provide to us free of cost.

Additional Information:

October 30, 2018
Current Version
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Get it on Google Play
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Download Hammer VPN:

The main reason for coming/visiting here is to download Hammer VPN. Here we will share the apk file of this VPN. you can download it by clicking on the below button,  the downloading process will take up to 15 seconds. Please be patient while your file has been ready for you to download.

Alternative VPNs:

Features Of Hammer VPN:

This VPN provides you a lot of good features as compared to other VPNs that can’t. Here we discuss in detail the features they are providing to his users. Keep reading this article to read the features, pros, and cons before using this VPN.

Ultimate Privacy Protection:

As we discuss that this is quite different VPN as compare to other VPNs because it is an anti-DPI VPN that makes you undetectable to anyone else, even if you are using the secure connection, you are still detectable. But if you are using this VPN you are not detectable by anyone else.

Speed Your Internet Connection:

Speed matter in any case and if you use this VPN they will increase your internet speed double as other VPNs don’t have an ability to do that. If you want to increase your internet speed double then we must recommend you to use this VPN.

Save Your Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data that can be transferred from one point/source to another within a network in a specific amount of time. This VPN saves the bandwidth and makes it possible to transfer your data as quickly as possible.

For further reading about bandwidth, please follow the link  “BandWidth“.

Speed Limitation:

There is no speed limitation while you are using this VPN. It’s mean if you are using this VPN it provides you speed double to your internet connection speed, and every person loves the speed connection as compared to lower speed connection.

So if you want to enjoy the speedy internet connection, you must use this VPN to double your internet connection.

No Registration Required:

Sometime it may take your time while you make an account first and then use the services of the VPNs in the market. But let me tell you there is no registration required in this VPN, it’s mean you can easily download the VPN and after downloading it install it in your device and start using it.

Didn’t needs To Root Your Mobile:

Rooting of the mobile phone is another headache for us whenever we want to use the VPN they first ask for to root your mobile phone. But don’t worry if you use this VPN you don’t have to root your android phone.

Compatible With Mobile and Tablet:

Compatible with mobile and tablet devices what does it mean that? it means some of the VPNs might possible that they are built only for the mobile devices and they are not available for the tablet users. But this VPN is built both for the android and the tablet.

You don’t have to install separate VPN for your android and Tablet devices. You can install it for both mobile and tablet.

Easy To Use:

Easy to use mean you don’t have to do anything before using the VPN. It might easy for everyone to use.

You just need to download it from eapks.com and after downloading it install it on your mobile device and start using it.

Provide Up to 15 Servers:

It provides you up to 15 servers/countries that is a huge number of servers. You must connect to any server before using this VPN.  If you face a problem with any of the servers reconnect it or connect to the other server/country.

Steps to install This VPN APK:

After successfully downloading the apk file of the app. You just need to install it, but before going to install you must give permission for it to install it in your device. So follow the below-given steps to configure it.

Steps to follow :

  • Go to the setting of your Mobile Phone.
  • Go to the Security Option
  • Check if the Unknown Sources are not checked then make sure to check it.
  • Now install the app that you downloaded from here
  • Congrats you have been successfully installed the app.

Note: If you follow the above steps then next time you didn’t need to give permission.

Please before going to other websites be sure that they are also secure like eapks.com, and don’t have pirated software. Which may affect your data.

Pros And Cons Of Hammer Vpn:


  • An Anti-DPI VPN.
  • Keep you undetectable.
  • Fast Speed
  • Free Of Cost.
  • Provide 15 servers.


  • Outdated Interface.

Final Verdict:

It is one of the best anti-DPI and a secure VPN. Provide you with tones of good features and we must recommend you to use this VPN. We almost cover all the things related to this VPN, if you face any problem related to this please let us tell in the comment box or visit our contact us page to submit your query. We will entertain your query as soon as possible.