Pinterest Downloader – Pinterest Video Downloader (2023)

Pinterest Downloader will help you to download videos, images and gifs online. On we develop a tool pinterest video downloader for our users that you can they can use to download any content from the Pinterest easily and fastly.

pinterest downloader
Pinterest Downloader

How TO Use Pinterest Downloader?

Follow the below mentioned steps to download the videos, images and gifs from Pinterest.

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Find your favorite video, an image or gifs from the pinterest.
  3. Copy the URL in the above url bar in chrome (or any other browser you are using).
  4. After copying the URL open Pinterest Downloader and paste the URL in the above downloader that you copied from the Pinterest.
  5. Now wait for 5 to 10 seconds and it will generate a download button link.
  6. click on the download button and download your video directly into your mobile or any other device.

Why Pinterest Downloader?

Pinterest is a great platform where people share images, videos and gifs. The purpose of making Pinterest Downloader is to download the content from pinterest in just a few seconds. With this tool you can easily download your favorite video, an image or gifs that people share on the pinterest. This tool is 100% working and efficient both on android and desktop. Apart from that, you can also use sssTikTok Downloader to download any content from the tiktok.


Some important question that we answered in details. If we miss something important about this tool please submit your question by commenting below or email us.


Q:How do I download Pinterest videos 2023?

Ans:You can download Pinterest Videos online by using the Pinterest Video Downloader.

Q:How do I download Pinterest videos online?

Ans:To download Pinterest Videos Online open the Pinterest Video Downloader and paste the video URL and download it.

Q:Is it free to download from Pinterest?

Ans:Yes this is 100% free tool to download from pinterest.

Q:Is there any limit on download from the Pinterest using this tool?

Ans:You can download as much as you can there is no such limit.

Q:Can I download all my pins on Pinterest?

Ans:Yes you can with the help of this pinterest downloader online.


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