Wcc Lite Mod Apk

Wcc Lite Mod Apk is the best cricket game for android phones. While playing this game you feel that as you are playing cricket live. Download this game from below and start enjoying your free time.

What is Wcc Lite Mod Apk

Wcc Lite Mod Apk
Wcc Lite Mod Apk

Cricket is one of the topmost played games either in a real-life or on a mobile phone. If you are a cricket lover and want to play the best cricket game on android then be with us.

Because today we come up with the best cricket game which is Wcc Lite Mod Apk. Wcc is the best cricket game that is lite weight and can run on lowers devices as well.

Cricket is the most popular game in the world and peoples loves to watch this game. Now you will experience the cricket game on your mobile with the wcc lite game.

This is the best 3d cricket game with 50 lack + installs all over the world. Apart from that not only in one language but you can enjoy this game in 9 different languages including  Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English.

With 9 different languages, the user can easily understand it without facing any issues. Moreover, if you are a low-end device user then don’t worry about it how can I play this game even if I don’t have a good device?

This game can also be played on low-end devices even if your mobile has 512 MB of RAM still you can able to play Wcc lite on your mobile.

If you are new here at eapks.com then let me tell you one thing here at this site we upload modded apps and games on a regular basis.

Our team must ensure the privacy of our visitors before sharing any app and its modded version.

Keep visiting eapks.com and get a mod apk of any game or app and get benefits from them without wasting your money to purchase. Keep reading the article and get a complete overview of the Wcc Lite Mod APk.

App NameWcc Lite Mod Apk
Mod FeaturesDifferent Venues & Free Play
Size56 MB
Article Published On01/06/2021
Article Updated On 01/31/2023

How To Download Wcc Lite Mod Apk?

To download Wcc Lite Mod Apk for android latest version 2023. Follow the below steps we mentioned.

  • Click on the download apk button.
  • It will redirect to the download page.
  • Wait for at least 15 seconds.
  • In 15 seconds your file will be automatically generated and downloaded in your mobile device.

Features of Wcc Lite Mod Apk

Here we are going to share the features of Wcc Lite Mod Apk. Keep reading this article and get a complete overview of this game also enjoy playing it.

Light Weight Game For Low-End Devices

Did you have a low-end device? if yes then don’t worry about it that is how we can play this game even if we don’t have a high-end mobile device.

Many cricket games can only be played on mobile phones having a good quality processor and storage they have.

But in the case of Wcc Lite, this is a lightweight game and can be played even if you have 512 RAM on your mobile. Download Wcc Lite Apk and enjoy this game by playing with friends and family members.

Variety Of Games Offered By Wcc Lite Mod

As we know that in other cricket games, they come up with one variation of the game. But when you play Wcc Lite games you will experience a variety of games in this game.

This variety includes Quick Play, Tournaments, Premier T20 League, Test Matches, and mini-games.

With all this variety you will never be bored because everyone is totally different and you will experience different situations.

Same as playing a test vs T20. So what are you waiting for download this game and explore more and more that you didn’t know about the game.

Build Your Team And Beat Anyone By Playing Well

There are generally two ways to win every game against your opponent either against your friend or from the worldwide player.

The one is to get the mod from our website and install it on your mobile phone and win every game against your opponent.

The second way to win every game against your opponent is by playing extra orderly. For this, you must have to build your team for playing against worldwide teams or against local teams.

Before making your team please be ensure that your teammate also has the ability like you to play well against the opponent in the game.

Enjoy Wcc Lite Games With 9 Different languages

The language barrier is now completely removed in wcc lite game. Because as we see in other cricket games the default language is English and we are not able to choose any other.

The majority of people can’t understand English well. So in this scenario, this game Wcc Lite Apk provides 9 plus languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English.

Choose your preferred language and continue to play this game. You gonna love to play this game and will enjoy this game with your favorite language.

Suitable For Anyone To Play & Enjoy

Will this game is suitable for anyone either for a child or an aged person? Yes because this game includes a lot of different versions of gameplay.

Whether you want to play a quick match, test match, or many others you can in the wcc lite game. So with this game, you can spend your time even better and I must recommend this game to everyone whether you are young or old.

Play this game with your friends and enjoy it by making fun of the game and feeling like real cricket at your fingertips.

Spin The Lucky Wheel & Get Different Rewards

Everyone like me loves to get free things in the game. Free rewards may include different things that you will get in the game.

The only way to get free rewards in the Wcc lite game is to spin the lucky wheel and get a free reward every day.

But if you are using or playing with our modded apk of this game then you will get unlimited lucky wheels every day.

Quality Graphics And Sound Effects

In games sound and graphics attract users if these are of HD quality otherwise they will affect badly the user and probably have chances that they will leave the game.

In the case of the Wcc lite cricket game, you will experience the quality audio and graphics that will attract you more to the wcc lite game.

Download this lightweight cricket game and enjoy it with friends and other players from worldwide.


Here we discussed and answered some important questions related to this game. If we miss something important related to this app, email us or comment below. We will add them to faq section.

Q:What is Wcc Lite Mod Apk?

Ans:Wcc Lite Mod Apk is 3d cricket game for android phones.

Q:Is the modded version of this game works properly?

Ans:Yes, the modded version of this game works properly and effectively.

Q:Is this game is free for users?

Ans:Yes, this game is free for users to play.


Wcc Lite Mod Is the modded version of the game where you will enjoy this game fully unlocked. This is one of the best cricket games and the majority of people love to play this game.

You will experience this game in 9 different languages and apart from that quality audio and UI make this game more interesting. We almost cover everything related to the wcc lite mod.

Download this game and play with your friend and family members. If you still have any questions or queries related to this game please feel free to ask us in the comment box or by visiting the contact us page.