Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

 Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk
Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

Super Tank Rumble Mod APK is the latest multiplayer game with action-packed battle arenas, realistic vehicles, and weaponry.

It’s on the ground, it’s in the air and it’s totally awesome! Whether you’re fighting against your friends or challenging people from all over the world.

This game will keep you on your toes with its non-stop combat action and crazy car stunts! With your friends by your side, there’s no limit to what you can do – so why not take on the challenge of Super Tank Rumble?

Download the new version of the super tank rumble android game mod APK that includes new features.

Tank Rumble Mod APK is one of the best mods that have been introduced to the game Tank Rumble in recent times.

Have you ever wanted to play one of the most amazing mod games of all time? Now, you can do it with Super Tank Rumble mod APK! If you are looking for a way to build your skills and win without fail, this is the game for you!

Super Tank Rumble APK features exciting and fun challenges that will keep you hooked from the start! In this article, we will show you how to get the most out of Super Tank Rumble mod APK and give you some great tips and tricks so that you can succeed in your game. Let’s start!

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Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk Additional Information

App NameSuper Tank Rumble Mod Apk
PublisherSmilegate Megaport
Size 85 MB
Android Support5.0 or higher
Published On10/29/2022
Updated On10/29/2022
Mod Premium Things Free

Download Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

  • The First Step is to click on the download apk button.
  • After clicking on the download button it will redirect you to the download page.
  • On the download page, you must have to wait for at least 15 seconds in order to make your file ready for you.
  • After 15 seconds your file will be automatically be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now after successfully downloading the apk file follow our installation guidance to install the game.

Features of Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

Some of the main features of this mod include. Are you looking to get the most out of Super Tank Rumble Mod APK? If so, read on and get started with some tips that will help you get more out of the game.

Play an as a good guy

Super Tank Rumble Mod APK is one of the most well-known games in the Android app market. Recently, its popularity has been growing thanks to new features and changes in the game that all players can take advantage of. This is bringing more players and helping to get the app on more phones.

Play as the bad guy

You get to kill people and get away with it. All the gold is yours to spend how you like. You’ll even be offered a castle, slaves, and a whole lot more after enough killings!

All you have to do is try it out once. Just stop by the trader… or do some scouting ahead of time… for the best deal. Then do your business in their house at night when everyone is asleep…murderously.

Fight against bosses

Coming this winter is Super Tank Rumble, the ultimate sequel to one of the most popular, intense, and gripping arcade-style scrolling shooters on the planet!

The epic battle rages on by introducing two ground-breaking features Laser Missiles and Shields. Take out targets that obstruct your missiles and dodge incoming missiles, too.

Powerful shields

Try equipping powerful shields to keep yourself from taking damage but don’t forget to increase your firepower by grabbing an energy orb.

These obstacles will force you to think on your feet and come up with strategic solutions to outsmart the race in outer space.

Drive various vehicles

You will have the choice to drive two new kinds of tanks, the StuG III and the JgdPz IV. You will also be able to drive a new kind of armored vehicle, the SPW 222 little cat half-track.

The game has three types of motorcycles (more than before) which are all moldable with accessories. You can download a variety of free mods from the Google Play Store that are very easy to install. You can play tons of fun games online, so why not grab one now?

Break buildings

Buildings can be destroyed by setting them on fire. A building can easily be set on fire because all you need to do is use your flamethrower or throw incendiary devices onto the roof and you’re ready to go.

When starting a fire in a building, it is best if the fire comes into contact with some type of fuel, such as furniture or petroleum-based objects.

This can be accomplished by shooting an incendiary device at the object (basically any type of gun), throwing an incendiary device onto the object, or throwing gasoline onto the object. Some buildings have larger pools of gasoline than others, which means they will catch fire faster.

Easy to download

If you are an android user then you must have heard of super tank rumble mod APK. This super tank rumble APK can be downloaded easily from the internet and it would not cost much amount as well because it is free to download.

Many more features are added in this app like new weapons, new characters, new missions, and many more that you will enjoy when playing the game.


If you are fond of fighting games then this game is specially designed for you. This game has a feature to play as multi-character; you can play as a hero and also as a villain.

Moreover, you can also fight against bosses which makes this game super exciting. Also, other features are of great interest. I would highly recommend you this game as it has much more fun to play. Just download, play and enjoy!