15 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android:

Best Wallpaper Apps For Android.

Wallpaper can make your mobile home screen more attractive. Because most of the time we attract only with the home screen of our mobile. If you are searching for the best wallpaper apps for android, then you are in the right place.

Many of the wallpaper apps not only give you stunning wallpapers for your mobile but, also provide the correct size of the wallpaper need for your mobile.

Choosing wallpaper for your mobile is your own choice and wish. Because no one can force you to put this wallpaper on your mobile home screen. Sometimes the wallpaper you put on your screen may be annoying for the person who looks for the first time.

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Someone like nature wallpapers and someone like gaming or 3d wallpapers. So it is your choice to choose a wallpaper that gives a stunning look to your mobile.

Here we are going to share the 15 best free wallpaper apps that will help you to choose the best wallpaper for your mobile home screen.

List of Best Wallpaper Apps For Android(2020-2021):

Here is the list of 15 best wallpaper apps that you can use free to choose the best wallpaper for your mobile. Keep in mind that this list is on a random basis not on a priority basis.

Walli Wallpaper App For Android:

best wallpaper app for android
Walli App

Do you want to make the mobile home screen more attractive, then what are you wating for. Walli is the best app that will help you to choose the best wallpaper for your mobile. Walli has a cool and unique collection of the best android wallpapers. The key thing in the walli app is they pick up artists from all over the world based on their work and experience. After picking up the top artists from all over the world the walli also share some percentage of earning with these contributors.

The Walli app interface is generally divided into four sections. One is the Categories, the second one is recent, the third is popular and the last one is featured. The last section that is known to be a featured section contains the wallpapers suggested by the walli app.

Wallpapers by Google:

Wallpapers By Google

Wallpapers by Google is the official app by Google. This app has a beautiful collection of wallpapers collect from different sources like Google+, Google Earth, and other sources. You can access different wallpapers offered by google +, Google Earth, and other partners that contribute to this app.

You can pick wallpaper for home and lock screen. Wallpapers by google can run only on those devices that have Android™ 7.0, Nougat, and above. On top of that, you can pick up new wallpaper every morning. Because this app provides fresh wallpapers every morning.

Resplash Wallpaper App For Android:

best wallpaper apps for android
Resplach App

Resplach is the coolest and free wallpaper app for android that is powered by unsplash.com. We are not wrong by saying that this app is a collection of free photos from creators all over the world. This app has more than 1m+ high-resolution photos not on a random basis but categorizes like “Desktop and Tech” or “Good Doggos of Unsplash” or “Sienna and Cyan” and more.

On top of that this app has an amazing and easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to navigate any wallpaper, we want easily. If you getting bored with the layout of this app don’t worry about it this app allows you to change the layout from the settings.

Someone like me loves to use any app on a dark mode and you will be happy after listening that this app also has a dark mode as well. You can use this free wallpaper app in dark mode.

Another cool feature of this app has you can set your wallpaper straight from the app. You don’t need to download it first and then paste it on a home screen or lock screen. The last thing is “Auto Wallpaper” by using this option your screen will be refresh continuously and will show you a random wallpaper on your mobile screen.


best wallpaper apps for mobile
Zedge App

ZEDGETM is one of the best app that not only provides the best wallpapers for android but also ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones, etc. You can find a large selection of ringtones and wallpapers in one place by using this app. A variety of categories are available on this app you can find wallpapers easily by exploring the categories. No doubt this app is trusted by millions of peoples but the one thing that may be annoying for you like me is excessive use of advertisement.

This app not only has a million users but also gains millions of downloads every month. This app has a million wallpapers and all the wallpapers are optimized automatically for your home screen. You don’t have to worry about optimizing wallpaper for your mobile.

Tapet Wallpaper app For Android:

best wallpaper apps for mobile
Tapet App

One of my favorite and best wallpaper app for android users. Most people know about this app but if someone doesn’t have an idea about that so let me explain a little bit. Tapet is a first of its kind app that generates automatically a high resolution background for the mobile screen. Using the tapet allows you to select a random wallpaper for your mobile or let the app generate for you hourly and daily.

More than that the wallpapers are automatically generated and it is according to your mobile resolution and in high quality. Not any single image in this app downloaded from the internet. All the wallpapers are automatically generated.

Reddit Wallpaper App For Android:

best wallpaper apps
Reddit App

Reddit is one of the best and most search website on the internet. You can find them by searching the query reddit.com. The question is why we use this website? because it’s not only the website where only people talk about ideas.

You can find beautiful and stunning wallpapers from reddit as well. This is totally a free and open source website you don’t need to pay for them. Reddit is not only available for the web user only but it also available on a app.

You can find wallpaper by doing a quick search like that “nature wallpaper” or “I phone wallpaper” etc. After searching like that Reddit will suggest to you some groups to join and you will experience wallpapers on a daily basis.

WalP – HD & 4K Stock Wallpapers:

wallpaper apps
Walp-HD & 4K stock Wallpaper

Another best wallpaper app that gives stunning look to your mobile. Walp-HD & 4K stock wallpaper is a free app that provides stock wallpapers of mobile phones in HD quality. There is more than 30 stock wallpaper available and more will be added soon in the library as they come out. This app has a large and number of Hd quality wallpapers which increases every day.

Walp app provides some best features like popular, recent, shuffle, search, and scroll tab. Every tab is different like in the popular tab you will see the wallpapers that are most downloaded by the users.

Similarly, in the recent tab, you will see the wallpaper that is added recently and for the shuffle tab, it will surprise you every day with new wallpaper. You can also search for wallpaper just by putting a search query in the search tab.

Whenever this app added a new wallpaper they will notify you using notification message to your mobile screen. You can set different wallpapers for home and the lock screen.

Moreover, this app comes up with three themes like Dark, light, and AMOLED theme. You can set any of them according to your wish.

Backgrounds HD:

wallpaper apps for mobile
Backgrounds Hd App

Backgrounds Hd is one of the best and free wallpaper app for android. You can estimate their popularity by seeing the number of download and active users they have. Roundabout 120 million peoples download and 2.4 million users give a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. In this app, you can experience new backgrounds like videos, pictures, illustrations, and watches daily.

There are four things that differ the Background Hd app from others. Live watch, Live background, images, and gallery. With the live watch, you can observe real moving watches in the background. You can set the live background with vivid videos. This app provides a variety of images and illustrations to choose the one that suits your taste. With the gallery preview, you can enjoy the artwork from well-known creators all over the world.

There is a favorite tab in the background hd app where you can store your favorite wallpaper and the history tab where you can brows the wallpaper you applied earlier.

Backdrops – Wallpapers:

backdrops wallpaper app
Backdrops App

Backdrops is another one of the best free wallpaper app for android users, where you can get a variety of free wallpapers that are made by the backdrops team. This app provides wallpapers with a variety of categories like Abstract, Earth, Geometric, Pattern, Photography, Food, etc.

You can favorite any wallpaper and also you are able to download them if you want to do so. You can also sync the wallpapers that you favorite with your google account.

More than this app have a stunning and eye-catching UI which make user interest more towards this app.This app not only uploading the wallpapers made by the backdrops team but also alows users to upload their own work. This app not allow the low quality images or backgrounds, but allow only hd wallpapers while submitting any picture to this app.

Moreover, every day, this app shows a newly created backdrop image under the option “Wall Of The Day”. The pro version of this app is ad-free and give access to you more premium and original designs. These premium features are available only for premium users.

Muzei Live Wallpaper App For Android:

Muzei Live Wallpaper App

As by the name we can easily understand that this wallpaper app works with the live preview of the wallpapers.Muzei can bring out new and famous art work every day from a different artist. Wallpaper can recedes into the background by blurring and dimming the wallpaper that you choose in order to make your icons remain visible in the spotlight.

Muzei is a developer friendly app that provide all the source code of their app. Even they provide a simple API that alows you to create your own app.for the API you must have to visit the website they mention.More from muzei is you can select the picture from gallery and from other apps.

Wallpapers HD & 4K Backgrounds:

wallpaper HD & 4k background app
wallpapers HD & 4k background

This app wallpaper HD & 4k background provides a variety of high-quality wallpapers for mobile phones and tablets. There are round about 65 different categories and the wallpapers are sorted by date, rating, and popularity of particular wallpaper have. On top of that this app is totally customizable and users can search for pictures by color.

This app provides a feature of the best wallpaper of the week or day. Moreover, you are able to download any wallpaper and save it to your SD-card or in mobile storage. You are also able to add any of your favorite wallpaper to favorites

The person who registered him/her self with this app will able to rate the particular wallpaper whom they like. Moreover, you can also submit your work to this app free of cost.

Abstruct Free Wallpaper App:

Abstruct App
Abstruct App

The one who doesn’t know about the abstruct app. Let me tell you this app made by the award-winning OnePlus wallpaper artist Hampus Olsson. By using the abstruct app you will experience the 4k resolution wallpapers.

One thing that people commonly think is will this wallpaper fit on our mobile screen. Don’t worry about it, this app will serve you the right size of the wallpaper that fits on your mobile screen or other devices.

Hidey Hole[Wallpapers for Galaxy S10 series]:

hidey hole app
Hidey hole App

As we mention in the name the hidey-hole app is specially designed for the Galaxy S10 series. No doubt this app is specially designed for one series of mobile but some of the wallpapers work fine on other mobile devices as well. You can set the wallpaper for both the lock screen and the home screen.

More than that you can set different adjustments with the wallpaper images like brightness, contrast, black point, saturation. By using this app you can sort wallpaper by using two sorts the one is popular and the other one is new. The wallpaper whom people like the most lies under the popular tab and the wallpaper that is uploaded recently lies under the new tab.

Sphaera Wallpaper App:

Sphaera Wallpaper App
Sphaera App

Sphaera is also one of the cool and most unique wallpaper app. It comes up with a variety of maps, colorize them and paste them on a home or lock screen. You can use maps anywhere from the world, including your home town as well. More than that, this app has more than 30 locations to choose from if you want. Each wallpaper on this app generates up to a 4K resolution and you can able to change the color of it to make it appealing to your eyes and according to your wish. This app also has an AMOLED black feature and recently update about the live wallpaper which means you can also use the live wallpaper function in this app.

Vectorify da home!

Vectorify da home wallpaper app
Vectorify Da Home App

Vectorify da home! another best vector wallpaper app for android. If you love to use vector images in your daily life then this app will help you to choose the best vector art for your mobile home screen. All the vectors will be automatically generated by choosing a color scheme and a style. All the vector wallpapers generated by the Vectorify da home! are of high resolution. The method is not so difficult everyone can generate wallpaper according to their wish. Additionally, this app also has a light and dark theme.

Final Thoughts:

So what are you waiting for after getting all the details about best wallpaper apps for android.We share information in depth and in detail about this topic and one thing that you must keep in your mind is the list is not on the priority basis. You can choose any of them according to your wish and need. All the wallpaper apps has their own features, designs and collections. So keep visiting eapks.com and get good stuff related to technology and mobile phones related.

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