Monster Hunter Stories Apk

Monster Hunter Stories Apk
Monster Hunter Stories Apk

Monster Hunter Stories the game for android where players will experience fantasy world. This action game is very famous in US. It is not like other online games but it is an awesome offline game. This is an adventure RPG game where player will have experience of becoming legendary dragon rider. If you are looking for monster hunter stories apk then your on a right spot. Here you will get a complete guide about this game and also an apk which you can install on your mobile and play them anytime.

The Players will experience a great environment and face many challenges. Game has protagonist and antagonist characters. This game introduces trio of friends in inception very amazingly and furthermore tells how that trio will face and quest many dragons and moreover players will tame many dragons as well.This game can be played in third person perspective and everyone can easily control it. Players can move around and explore vast area of this game and can move easily with touch and drag on screen.

There’s a mini-map located at the corner of the screen to show various areas of game so that you don’t miss any important area. This game also has an amazing story where three friends find a unique egg and then furthermore, they tame different dragons and have fight with different dragon bosses. There is a button to perform every action in this game.

In the beginning, three friends in the jungle saw unique egg and after the egg hatched, they came to know that it’s a monster egg. Players can tame monsters who become human friendly. Level up and upgrade your monsters, and explore vast lands and dungeons inhabited by other monsters that you can tame. Challenge real players from around the world and fight them in the arena, testing the skills of their monsters.

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Additional Information

Game NameMonster Hunter Stories Apk
Size 76 MB
Android Support4.4 and up
Published OnDec/10/2021
Mod Premium Things Free
CategoryGame Mods

Monster Hunter Stories Apk Download :

For downloading the Monster Hunter Stories Apk then you must have to follow the steps mention below. Steps are so simple and easy to follow by anyone else.

  • The First Step is to click on the download apk button.
  • After clicking on the download button it will redirect you to the download page.
  • On the download page, you must have to wait for at least 15 seconds in order to make your file ready for you.
  • After 15 seconds your file will be automatically be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now after successfully downloading the apk file follow our installation guidance to install the game.
  • Installation steps are mention below.

Steps To Install:

Follow these steps mention below to install this game on your mobile device.

  • If you successfully download the apk file by following the steps mention above.
  • Now go to the setting of your mobile.
  • After reaching ion the setting option then goes to the security option.
  • If the Unknown Resources are marked as empty please make sure to mark them.
  • After mark the unknown resources now you are able to install the game on your device.

Monster Hunter Stories Features

This epic game has a lot of good features that you will enjoy a lot. Here we not only explain the features of Monster Hunter Stories Game but also how to play this game in order to get more wins against opponents. Keep reading the article and get a complete overview of it.

Attractive environment

Players can experience amazing and fantasized world in this amazing game. Game’s area is vast and will take plenty of your time to explore it and you will not have boredom. You can explore everything step by step and you will have variety of valuable things.

Game is attractive and full of action as it starts in the jungle where three friends come across a dragon egg and with the passage of time, they tame different dragons and upgrade them and explore many dungeons and caves in the games. This Game is full of natural view as it starts in the jungle and then enables you to explore mountains and caves and is full of actions as it leads you to tame and fight many dragons and monsters.

Arduous Battles

As this is action game, you can fight and interact with many other characters by pressing buttons on right side. One thing that you absolutely can realize, when it comes to a person or an object that you can manipulate, the button to perform the corresponding action also appears for you to choose. Apart from quiet times in the game, participating in battles is compulsory. When the egg is hatched, some players would think that only dragons would join the fight.

The main character is the controller and a part of it to bring the player victory. In other words, the dragon and the trainer stood on the same field and took down the opponent together. The mechanism of each battle is entirely understandable that is turn-based battles that you can choose from. There will be many options like Fight, Item, and many other functions. Inside Fight, you will choose to add the appropriate attack respectively Power, Technical, or Speed. Each is stronger with one attack type and weaker than the other. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to this mechanism to attack the enemy effectively.


Monster Hunter Stories brings you a beautiful world that anyone will love. It is a big world that satisfies a player’s need for exploration. Simultaneously, it has an attractive storyline in which the player will find the mystery in it. Also, the combat mechanics are easy to access when parts serve as a tutorial in the game. So, it can help you have a great time entertainment. Such type of offline game would not let player be bored for sure as it has many functions and options.

Amazing story

Story of this amazing game revolves around three characters. The story begins when they go on an adventure in a forest, they found an egg with a completely different appearance from the others when a surprise appeared when they performed the ritual. It was a special egg that hatched into a baby dragon named King of Skies. After hatching, it jumps back to the main character you control, and one thing that will surprise you is that it impresses and loves the main character.

So, the three decided to bring it back to the village and give it a name. But things do not go completely well with a dragon’s appearance with a dark aura named Nargacuga. It destroyed the village, and the King of Skies appeared and protected everyone. But in the end, it fell to a cliff. After Nargacuga’s attack, the village gradually recovers, and from there, the player sets out on a journey to become a mighty warrior with a new fortress. Sadly, it wasn’t the King of Skies. You will receive an egg, and it will hatch into a dragon with an impressive appearance that will stick with you during your excursions and missions in this world.

Deploy many monsters

Player can deploy unlimited monsters in this game. Monsters, and the bonds you form with them, are the backbone of your adventure of this game. Explore vast environments and dungeons to find monster dens, and bring back the eggs you find to hatch new Monsters and also fight with bad monsters. Players can ride and control their monster/dragon and can fight with evil dragons and have proper battle.

New Smart Version

Game has several new features now including high resolution in which player can play this game in high quality in offline mode and have more fun. Moreover, interface of this game is even better than prior, it is easy to handle all the features are run through touch of your finger. Furthermore, it now has auto save feature i.e., if due to some reason your game is interrupted than there’s no need to worry because now your game will be save where you will leave it and you can continue it from the point where you left it.

Final Verdict

If you love to play action games then we must recommend you to consider Monster Hunter Stories game. This epic action game has a lot of features with which you can entertain your self . We almost cover everything related to this game. Hope that the information that we share with you guys is might interesting for you and will help you a lot while playing this game. So what are you waiting for download Monster Hunter Stories Apk and start playing this game. If you have any query/question related to this game then feel free to contact us. we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.