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Go Smart App
Go Smart App

Technology is now part of our daily life and we can manage our daily life routine better with technology. Everyone has a dream house in their mind and they want to build it to live there. Here today we will share with you an app that will help you control your home appliances, when to open and when to close. The app named Go Smart App will help you to control your home appliances easily with your android phone. 

Sitting on a chair and controlling your home appliances with just a single click is a dream of everyone that will come true after using the Go Smart App. With this app you can control your home appliances to turn lights off and unusual things to save power and obviously money too.

This app Go Smart is available for both mobile and Ios users. You can download them from our website free of cost and also 100% in working condition. Moreover, with this app, you can add multiple appliances at the same time and be able to control them at the same time. Apart from that not only you can control your home appliances with a single click but also be able to control them with your voice as well. 

The two ways to control your home with voice are Amazon Echo and Google Home. Both these are compatible with this app and you can use them for your own purpose. Importantly, this app will help you to control your devices based on their temperature, location, and time. Meaning to say whenever a certain amount of temperature is raised the AC will turn on or off automatically. 

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Go Smart App Additional Information

App NameGo Smart App
PublisherCuco Smart
Size 65 MB
Android Support4.4 and up
Uploaded On3/30/2022
Mod Premium Things Free
CategoryModded Apps

Download Go Smart App Latest Version 2022

For downloading the Go Smart App then you must have to follow the steps mentioned below. The steps are so simple and easy to follow by anyone else.

  • The First Step is to click on the download apk button.
  • After clicking on the download button it will redirect you to the download page.
  • On the download page, you must have to wait for at least 15 seconds in order to make your file ready for you.
  • After 15 seconds your file will be automatically be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now after successfully downloading the apk file follow our installation guidance to install the game.

Features of Go Smart App

Here we will explain the features of the Go Smart App. Continuously read the article till the end and get an overview of this app. Moreover, after reading this carefully you will be able to manage your home better and on your mobile with Go Smart Apk.

Control Your Home Appliances With Go Smart App

With this app, you can control your home appliances with just a single click by sitting comfortably on a chair or bed. You don’t need to go anywhere to turn it off or on. Just like AC, if you want to control your AC with this app then it might be possible with just a few clicks and your room AC will be completely in your control. Similarly other appliances like bulbs, tube lights, and many others you can control to save electricity and also your money as well.

To Control Multiple Home Appliances With Go Smart Apk

Many of the apps are not working properly when it comes to controlling multiple appliances with just a single app. You can control multiple home appliances with the Go smart app with just a few clicks. Before controlling them you must have to configure first and then be able to control it otherwise you can’t control them on mobile with this app.

Get Real-Time Report About Your Home With Go Smart Apk

A real-time report is helpful and also shows you the exact thing that is happening at that time. For example, if you put a condition that if the room temperature is less than 5 then turn off the Ac of the room. Eventually, when this happens this app will notify you that the AC of the room has been turned off. With this feature, you can examine things on your mobile by sitting in one place instead of visiting that place to confirm whether the AC is off or still on.

Clean & Easy Interface

The interface of this app is easy and everyone can use them comfortably. To use this app you must have to download them first and after downloading them install it on your android phone. After successfully installing the app add your home appliances in order to control them with your phone by sitting comfortably in your home.

Voice Feature To Control Your Home Appliances

Voice feature is also a part of this app and with this feature, you can control your home appliances such as your Home AC, Room lights fans, and much more. Just give commands to them in voice and things will work automatically because this app uses artificial intelligence to control your home appliances on mobile.


Q: What is the go smart app?

Ans Go Smart App is a mobile application with which you can easily control your home appliances on the mobile phone. Download this app now and start controlling your home according to your wish.

Q: Is the Smart Life app free?

Ans: Yes this app is 100% free of cost. You can download it from our website and start using them.

Final Verdict

We almost shared useful information about the Go Smart App. With this app, you can control your home appliances on mobile phones with just a single click. Also, you can give voice commands to turn on or off certain things in your home. Moreover, apply certain conditions just like turning on the AC of the room when needed. Apart from that this app has a voice-based command as well and also a clean interface that’s why it is a more reliable and trustworthy app that people use most. If you have any concerns or have some questions about this app please share with us. We will entertain them and solve your problem as soon as possible.