If you are a fan of horror games, there are lots of exciting games to play right now. There are many unique games in this category that you can enjoy today and download for free. In FNAF AR Apk players will confront malfunctioning animatronics in their real world and attempt to survive these horrors come to life. It is a popular Video Gaming application for android users.

Players must confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that will follow them wherever they go. Murdering bloodthirsty animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s AR is combined together to haunt you during the gameplay. This AR game steps away from the original point-and-click method of Freddy’s and brings the action and horror a bit closer to you.

The horror aspect of this game is also relying heavily on malfunctioning equipment, so your vision constantly glitches. Making matters worse as you are hunting robots who are invisible most of the time. You will use your flashlight and taser to hunt the robots through your mobile camera. The game’s sound effects and phone vibrations combined with scary graphics make it a worthy immersive experience.

Make sure to grip your phone tightly. Five Nights at Freddy’s AR is based around the latest Augmented reality style gameplay you will need to allow access to your mobile camera, mic, and location services. As soon as you get your first delivery notification a marker appears on the map hinting that something is nearby. Use the flashlight and the taser wisely as they will run out of power.

And looking through the lens of your mobile device, you need to track and locate the robots, disable them and banish the shadows. The robots have cloaking devices and other tricks to puzzle you. And there is limited power you can use for your light or taser. In the story of this part of the game, everyone’s favorite animatronics out of control, and begin to attack their owners everywhere and now you can experience the horror of what is happening in augmented reality. Turn off the lights, plug in your headphones for the most complete immersion in the game and be ready to face terrifying enemies.

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FNAF AR APK Additional Information

PublisherNot Yet Available
Size 37.65 MB
VersionLatest Version 2022
Android Support4.4 and up
Last Update1/8/2022
Updated On1/9/2022
Mod Premium Things Free
CategoryModded Apk

Download FNAF AR APK Latest Version 2022

For downloading the FNAF AR APK then you must have to follow the steps mention below. Steps are so simple and easy to follow by anyone else.

  • The First Step is to click on the download apk button.
  • After clicking on the download button it will redirect you to the download page.
  • On the download page, you must have to wait for at least 15 seconds in order to make your file ready for you.
  • After 15 seconds your file will be automatically be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • Now after successfully downloading the apk file follow our installation guidance to install the game.
  • Installation steps are mention below.

Steps To Install

Follow these steps mention below to installthis app on your mobile device.

  • If you successfully download the apk file by following the steps mention above.
  • Now go to the setting of your mobile.
  • After reaching ion the setting option then goes to the security option.
  • If the Unknown Resources are marked as empty please make sure to mark them.
  • After mark the unknown resources now you are able to install the game on your device.

FNAF AR APK Features

If you are a lover of horror games then we must recommend you to play this game and enjoy a lot. Also, keep reading the article and get a complete overview of it.


Your mobile device is no longer safe with the arrival of FNAF AR. This game is the newest title from the hit horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this game, you will have to confront malfunctioning animatronics in your attempt to survive their horror. But, this time, you will do so in a game that uses augmented reality. With this, the jump scares are brought to the real-world to make you jump out of your seats. This survival and horror-thriller game enables you to make different strategies to survive.

Faz Bears

In FNAF AR, the players will need to face malfunctioning animatronics in the real world and attempt to survive. Now, you need to confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that look like creepy versions of your childhood toys. The animatronics all have homicidal tendencies, so you need to defend yourself. But, worry not, you will not be left unarmed.

Aside from evading these creepy toys, you will also be able to use different tools to stop them. For one, you can kill them with electricity. You can also collect parts, CPUs, plush suits, and mods that you can use to create your custom animatronics. With this, you can have a companion that can help you destroy those who are out to get you. Faz bear in this game is scary bear who turned into monster after malfunction and it will try to kill you, but by using your weapons you can kill it.

A Good Scare

With FNAF AR, fans will have another way to give them and their friends a good scare. The game has a polished audio/visual horror-adventure gameplay that performs well in scaring players witless. The gameplay is solid even made scarier with the fact that the premise of the game is in your place. Not only that, but there is also a social element to the game where you can try to send your captured bots to your friend just to bump them out of the leader board. All in all, it is a must-play for anyone who wanted to have a scary and good time.

Use Taser & Flashlights

In this game, you’ll survive using your teasers to fight outbreak animatronics. You can also use your flashlight for better viewing as there is no light source in the game. However, you need to save your battery because your devices will use it. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you provide to other people. It’s a fun game where you can assemble parts, test your animatronics and use them to save yourself.


Explore real-time location-based gameplay, where FNAF animatronics will pay you a visit wherever you are and wherever you go.


Collect parts, CPUs, and plush suits, test, repair and deploy your own hotwired animatronics, and search and collect remains in your environment.